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The eVox System

Most physicians who see patients with memory loss use subjective testing tools like a MMSE, MOCHA, Mini-Cog & Clock Draw test. These tests are subjective tests, And they’re specific, but not sensitive. Also, they’re most likely to identify memory loss in later stages, such as Alzheimer’s disease, when Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors are prescribed.

The eVox System is an objective assessment of a patient’s neurologic function. So, eVox is collecting electrophysiological biomarkers that may correlate to early memory loss. So, patients with a low peak alpha wave from an EEG or a slowed P300B wave from Brain Processing Speed/Evoke Potentials is known to correlate to memory loss. And, that includes patients with early memory loss, such as Mild Cognitive Impairment.

The eVox 
System an objective assessment of a patients neurologic function

The benefit to the physician is that there are still a variety of Life Style Modifications that can be made for the patient that may have an impact.

If you have 20 minutes, I can take you through an online presentation about the eVox System. And, I can also schedule a 20 minute presentation to review the clinical capabilities of the eVox System that shows the clinical story for memory loss.

eVox® for Neurotherapy

Neurotherapy: Treating the Underlying Problem

Rooted in the principles of biofeedback, applied neuroscience, and evidence-based clinical practice, neurotherapy is used to help address behavioral, cognitive, and other functions related to brain activity.

The brain’s electrical signaling patterns represent functional behavior that can be trained to change over time via operant conditioning by reducing the excessive brain frequencies and activities while raising areas where there are deficits.

With the eVox system, the patient wears an EEG cap that is connected to a proprietary “amplifier”. The amplifier wirelessly transmits the patient’s brain wave data to a computer. The included software prompts the patient through a series of exercises. Over time, the patient learns how to use EEG to control the exercises. The clinician slowly adjusts criteria for reward, conditioning behavior into a normal, persistent pattern. Learning is subsequently internalized and results in newly formed neuron connections that provide desired outcomes and lasting effects.

Traditional pharmacotherapies for various neuropsychiatric disorders typically provide temporary symptomatic relief without treating the underlying etiology. Neurotherapy treats the underlying problem by changing how the brain functions, not simply masking the symptoms.



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Product Showcase Video: Supporting Differential Diagnosis and Treatment of Memory Loss and Other Cognitive Impairments

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