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simpleABI Systems with Cuff-link

Easy & Efficient workflow - Cuff-link Automated Systems

With the Cuff-link automation, single level or multiā€level exams proceed quickly to completion. No moving cuffs or tubing during standard exams, help your staff improve efficiency of vascular testing.

Choose the system to meet your needs - Any budget, Any testing protocol

simpleABI systems have you covered from single level testing to multilevel testing to vascular stress testing. From manual, cost-effective systems to fully automated. Whatever arterial testing you want, simpleABI systems have a solution.

EMR Connectivity - Single Practice - Multiple Practice - Hospital Systems

simpleABI systems are inherently connected since they are PC based. Perform exams in a single office or across multiple offices. Put single level systems in referring practices and view, interpret, edit at specialist offices. Place simpleABI systems in a hospital setting to capture and treat those with PAD. simpleABI systems are easily transportable for mobile settings with an available compartmentalized carry bag.

simpleABI Systems Brochure

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