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ABI-300 Features

  • Cost effective PC-based ABI system
    • Easy staff training - simple to learn and use
    • Point & Click reporting right on the computer
  • Uses "Gold Standard" 8MHz Doppler
  • Easy "Click & Capture" PVR waveforms
  • Automatic Index Calculation
  • Customizable reports with practice information and logo
  • Print to any standard office printer
  • Attach multiple formats directly to EMR records
  • Full 2-year product warranty

ABI-300 Kit Contains

  • Single Level ABI (Optional TBI Testing*)
  • Sensitive 8MHz Doppler
  • PVR Waveforms
  • 4 cuffs (2x10cm, 2x12cm)
  • Manual Aneroid
  • Mobile Carry Bag
  • *Add PPG Probe (DPPG) & Digit Cuff (CUFF-120) for TBI Testing

simpleABI Systems Brochure

ABI-300 Fact Sheet

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